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Healthcare Facilities Security poses a unique situation to security service... they are open 24hrs per day to anyone and everyone wanting access to them. The individuals entering these facilities range from the critical to the mournful to the irate. An effective security staff must be alert and attentive and be willing to go beyond the duties of being a security guard. They must be diligent in serving as both deterrent and enforcement while being a smiling face willing to help where necessary... whether that be helping someone out of a vehicle, giving directions, or responding to a situation.

Our healthcare facilities officers at LPS Services are trained to be public servants, they have strong law enforcement backgrounds and understand the uniqueness of the facilities in which they work. They are astute in maintaining a cohesive environment for the many personalities within the facilities, they are aware and considerate of the privacy concerns within a healthcare environment, and are conscious of the unique vulnerability to criminal activity that is posed within healthcare facilities.

LPS Services will provide a free assessment of the unique needs of your facility and implement a security directive that addresses your facilities' individual need. 

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