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The Oil and Gas Industry has many security concerns... from ensuring the safety of all personnel on the job site, ensuring only those authorized have access to the sites, to ensuring that high dollar items are secure and free from vandalism or threat.

LPS Services has the industry experience you are looking for. We bring to you an experienced and trained staff that has the know how to protect your sites. We offer 24hr.  services both at access checkpoints and on the pad protection. Our officers are outfitted in all of the necessary PPE such as Hardhats, FR Uniforms, Safety Glasses, etc. and are trained to ensure that all accessing the site come prepared with all safety requirements as well. Our guard shacks are equipped with necessary safety equipment in the event of an emergency, all signage necessary and communication equipment such as CB Radios and/or Handhelds to ensure constant communication with site personnel. Each and every officer is outfitted with a cellular phone as well to deploy emergency responders.

We are flexible and work with each and every site to ensure that the needs of the individual site and its company men are met. We are not a one size fits all operation!

With LPS Services you will get:

  • Uniformed/Trained Officers equipped with all PPE
  • Guard Shack/Safety Center equipped with first aid stations, fire extinguishers, and offer heat/air conditioned area for protection from the elements as needed.
  • Shacks/Officers equipped with necessary communication equipment
  • Traffic Control Team... our  team of officers are ATSSA Certified for Flagging to better serve our clients. We offer two services within one team to ensure constant controlled flow of traffic.
  • All site records maintained such as visitor log in/out, daily activity reports, and incident reports. All stored on site for quick and easy access.
  • Constant accurate head count, with the ability to report instant count of heavy trucks and/or company personnel on site.  
  • Restricted access point for visitors to maintain scheduled visits for company men, all others can be referred to make appointments upon request of the company men.
  • Hands on approach by company owner, Dani Jurnak. Our ceo/president makes it a point to visit active sites on a regular basis to ensure a smooth operation and that all safety protocols are being maintained. Dani is in constant communication with client personnel to work hand-in-hand with them to ensure a cohesive relationship and adjust our services as necessary to meet the needs of the clients/sites we secure.
  • All necessary signage
  • Marked mobile patrols to maintain a presence on inactive sites
  • Emergency call out teams
  • Highly competitive rates... Lexus Protection Services brings to you some of the lowest rates in the industry as we are a one owner company with a dedication to keeping our expenses to a minimum so that we can offer our clients first class service at a great rate.
  • WBENC Certified 100% woman owned and operated company
  • ​ISNetworld Member - A rating with clients!
  • We pride ourselves on the fact that our officers are among the highest paid in the industry

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Securing the Oil & Gas Industry