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LPS offers Certified flaggers at very competitive rates. We are a DBE certified provider through the Pennsylvania Unified Certification Program so we qualify for all DOT funded projects!

We offer these services to the Oil & Gas Industry at very affordable rates and have the experience and understanding of site operations you are looking for.

 We at LPS understand the important role our flaggers play. They are responsible for public and crew safety and must be trained appropriately in safe traffic control practices. With  certification, our flaggers have the ability to operate all flagging equipment and understand DOT regulations for safe and effective traffic control. 

All LPS Flaggers are sent to our clients equipped with the following:

  • Radios
  • Stop/Slow Paddle
  • Red Flag
  • Hard Hats
  • Safety Vest
  • Nighttime Equipment as necessary
  • Vehicles as necessary

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Oil/Gas Industry Traffic Control Service