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Parking lots are sometimes the last places people think of to provide security but are riddled with security concerns... From vehicular theft and vandalism to petty theft and kidnapping, or worse; unsecured parking lots are a playground for criminals. According to statistics, roughly 80% of all criminal activity within shopping centers, strip malls and business offices occurs in the parking lot.

​   "Reasonable Care"is a term all business owners should be aware of... it is a term often used by attorneys when arguing liability cases to prove that a business owner or employer failed in their duty to provide reasonable care in ensuring the safety of its customers and employees against criminal threats. Let Lexus Protection Services limit the liability of your company!

LPS Services can provide an array of services to secure your parking lots and ensure the safety of your patrons and employees alike... 

  • Guard Shack Officer for secured and controlled access
  • Marked Mobile Patrols of Parking Lots and Garages to maintain a constant deterrent for criminal activity as well as peace of mind to all utilizing the lot/garage.
  • ​24hr. video monitoring 
  • Uniformed Officers trained to be alert and aware of the unique threats posed in a parking environment.
  • Installation of video surveillance
  • Escorts to and/or from vehicles
  • ​Valet Services
  • Parking Lot Assessment and recommendations for improvement to lighting, layout etc.

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Parking Lot Safety & Security