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We all know that the world we are living in today is a scary place even for adults! Imagine the fear instilled in our children as they watch news report after news report of the violence that is occurring in our schools in frightening frequency.

LPS Services looks to provide an environment for our kids in which they can go to school without fear, an environment they can learn in and just be kids. 

We bring a well trained staff of both armed and unarmed officers whom have undergone extensive screening and training to ensure that your school or campus is prepared  for the unthinkable. Our school officers undergo active shooter training in addition to an extensive list of FEMA Certifications which include:

  • ​Mass Management System
  • ​Preparing for mass casualty incidents for schools, higher education facilities and houses of worship
  • Incident Command System
  • ​Oil and hazardous materials response
  • ​Resource Management​
  • ​Special events contingency planning for public safety agencies
  • ​Diversity Awareness
  • ​Safety Orientation

All of our school officers maintain necessary clearances for employment to include act 34 and act 151 as well as FBI clearance.

LPS Services will work with your administration to build a custom security plan for each and every campus we secure. Our goal is to maintain a presence that all are comfortable with while ensuring the safety of everyone on site. We are flexible in the outfitting of our officers to allow for "soft clothed" officers in polo shirts or police style uniformed officers to armed officers. We adhere to the vision the school administration has of what their school security should look like as that is different from location to location. We perform periodic security assessments throughout our contract term to ensure that our directive changes with the needs of the school campus.

We will provide event security for all school functions as necessary to extend the peace of mind that is offered on campus during school hours. School events are meant to be fun and provide a relaxing and enjoyable time for all in attendance, providing a security presence is a huge step in ensuring peace of mind for all.

LPS will become an active and instrumental component to your Incident Command System. Each and every officer assigned to your site will study your system and understand it fully. We will also assess your command system and make recommendations for changes or updates as necessary. We always work hand in hand with local emergency response units and invite them to perform periodic drills with our team to maintain a smooth working relationship and ensure that the fastest and most effective response to emergencies is provided.

Our site supervisors are required to have a supervisory law enforcement background to provide for good leadership of our force as we take very seriously the safety and security of our kids.

You and the kids will be in good hands with Lexus Protection Services; we understand the gravity of the service we provide and will take every possible step to ensure that school violence is prevented on the schools and campuses we serve.

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